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ASJC - Around the Sound Jeep Club was established in August 2011 as a social group called Seattle Jeep Offroading & Camping Group. In January 2013, by a resounding response by 25 active members, the group became an official Club and changed its name to Around the Sound Jeep Club.

ASJC - Is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization based out of the greater Puget Sound Region, in Washington State.

This website is our home for general information about our Club. We use for managing our calendar of events, posting photos of our events and for general Club communications.

ASJC offers interested Jeepers two ways to participate:
1 - Become a paid Member at $65 per year in Annual Dues. Only active, paid, Members received Member Benefits.
2 - Purchase a Guest Pass (aka Jeepertunity Card) Jeepertunity Card holders do-not receive Member Benefits.

If you have an interest in joining our Club, you must meet the following qualifications, complete a Membership Application and pay your first year's membership dues.

Effective March 15, 2014, our Jeeperunity Card replaces previous "Casual Member" Status. Here's how the Jeepertunity Card works:

1 – An individual that is unsure of becoming a full paid Club Member may purchase the Jeepertunity to participate in Club functions for the price of $20.

2 – By purchasing a Jeepertunity Card, the bearer is permitted to participate in up to four (4) Club functions or participate for up to six months (6-months), whichever occurs first.

3 – Each time the bearer participates in a Club function, the function organizer/lead will punch the Jeepertunity Card.

4 – Excluded Jeepertunity Card functions include our Annual Jeep Show, Annual Go Topless Day Event, and any other functions determined by the Board of Directors, which will be identified on our Club Calnder.

5 – On Club functions that include overnight camping, the Jeepertunity Card allows the bearer to participate, with an additional fee paid as determined by the specific function details.

6 – Once the Jeepertunity Card has been exhausted, the individual must either stop participating or pay annual dues and become a Full Paid Member.

7 – When the individual decides to become a Full Paid Member, the cost of the Jeepertunity Card will NOT be applied towards the individual’s first year’s annual dues. However, the individual’s first year’s Club Dues will be prorated in accordance with our current prorated dues schedule.

8 – The Jeepertunity Card DOES NOT provide the bearer with full Member Benefits. Only Full Paid Membership provides for full Member Benefits, including sponsor discounts.

Club Membership Requirements:
1 - Own and operate a Jeep
2 - Agree to abide by our Non-discrimination policy
3 - Read our By-Laws and agree to abide by them
4 - Plan to be an active participant

Club Dues are pro-rated based on the month of joining:
Jan - $65.00 Jul - $47.00
Feb - $62.00 Aug - $44.00
Mar - $59.00 Sept - $41.00
Apr - $56.00 Oct - $38.00
May - $53.00 Nov - $35.00
Jun - $50.00 Dec - $35.00


Membership Questions or to request a Membership Form
Email us at: